Rajadhiraja St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Cathedral

Orgin           :

Around 4th Centuary

Parishners    :


Piravom P. O. Piravom, Ernakulam Dist, Kerala. Pin 686664

Address       :

Mass Time    :

Sunday : 7.00 am & 8.30 am
Saturdays & Feast Days: 8.00 am
Week Days: 7.00 am


Very. Rev. Simon Corepiscopa Chellikkattil

Asststant Vicars

Rev. Fr. Varghese Panachiyil (Vicar In Charge)

Rev. Fr. Mathews Manappattel

Rev. Fr. Roy Mathews Meppadam


Rev. Fr. Roshan Thachethil


Rev. Fr. Eldho Rajan


“Piravom Valiyapally”, the most ancient and prominent church in Kerala stands on a lovely hilltop on the eastern bank of the Muvattupuzha river at Piravom, 35 Kms. east of Kochi. Adorned with all the majestic beauty of nature, this Church is believed to be as old as the Christianity. It is the centre of hope and refuge to the poor, the sick, the needy, the desperate, the destitutes and the down-trodden.
The church has been invariably known as Piravom Valiyapally, Marthamariyam Pally, Rajakkalude Pally, St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church etc: .As legends say, it is the first Christian Church in the world, and it is the only church in the name of the Holy Kings (MAGI) which stands on the solid rock of Christian faith. It is one among the rare churches in Malankara where there has been daily Holy Mass from very olden times. There is the "Vishudha Moonninmel Kurbana" (The Holy Mass offered jointly by three priests) almost daily and there are two Holy Masses one after the other on Sundays. Pilgrims from far and near come to pray for consolation and comfort. Many parishioners come daily in the afternoon to pray and they light candles in the church and at the tombs of their forefathers in the graveyard, which is another significance of this church among the Churches in Malankara. This Church remains loyal to the Patriach of Antioch, seated on the H.throne of St. Peter.

V. V. John, Vellookkattil

Baby Kizhakekkara

Joby George, Chirackal

Holy Relics & Tomb

Soonoro of St. mary

Important Offerings

Paithal Nercha


Dhanha Perunnal - January 5, 6
Feast of St. George - May 6, 7
Feast of St. Mary - August 15
Kallitta Perunnal - October 8



St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christian Congregation, Piravom


Kandand Diocese of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church is an ancient diocese which was established in 1876. The Diocese consist of sixty Churches and various chapels. Organisations like Sunday School, Youth Association, Vanitha samajam, Anthyokiya Sathya Viswasa Samrakshana Samithi, KEFE etc are functioning ....


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