History of Kandanad Diocese

By the grace of God in the year 1875, during the apostolic visit of H.H. Ignatius Peter III the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church visited the Malankara Church.  In those days, the church in Malankara was administered and look-after by a single bishop. During the year 1876, His Holiness, introduce an effective administrative system and the church in Malankara was divided into seven Diocese. H.H consecrated and appointed Bishops for the newly created Dioceses. Kandanad Diocese is one among them. 


The newly formed dioceses were given its name related to the famous and oldest churches situated in the concerned areas. In those days Kandanad was well-known for its marketing and trading and popular with the existence of St.Mary Jacobite Syrian Church. On 17th may 1877, the ‘ Ascention Day’ of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Holiness ordained  Mor Ivanious Paulose (Murimattom) of St.Peters & St.Pauls Jacobite Syrian Christian Church Kolenchery as Metropolitan of the Kandanadu Dioceses at St. Lazzouros church Chirilayam , near Kannamkulam. 


H.G Geevarghese Mor Gregoriose (Chathuruthil Mor Gregoriose ) and H.G. Geevarghese Mor Julious (Konattu) were assisted the consecration. Also with Mor Ivanious Paulose , Mor Dynasious Shemavoon (Karottuveettil) was also ordained  for the Diocese of Kochi on 19th, May. His Holiness gave the “Susthathikkon” (appointment order ) to the newly ordained metropolitans. In the year 1878 June 16th, the appointment order of Mor Ivanious Paulose was read and conducted the “Sunthronisso” ceremony at Mor Michael Jacobite Syrian Christian Mamalassery , on the day of “Penthi-Kosth”. 


Kandanad, S.Paravoor, Chembu, Kurinji, Puttumanoor, Kanyattunirapp, Nechoor, Mamalassery , Piravom, Onakkur, Kolanchery, Kottor, Pambakkuda, Ramamagalam, Mulakkulam, Mannathoor, Vadakara, Kuzhikkattukunnu, Puthuveli, Palakkuzha, Kadamattam were the twenty one churches including in the Kandanad Diocese. After talking over the Diocesion administration, H.G. Mor Ivanious visited the churches of his diocese and encourage them to grow in true faith and tradition. The far-sightedness of Mor Ivanious made him to purchase land for the bishop’s house and the chapel in the heart of the city of Muvattupuzha. By registering the deed for each churches, and in this deed Mor Ivanious declared true faith and allegiance to the Holly throne of Antioch. 


H.G.Mor Ivanious retired from the Diocese due to the old age and weakness, His Holiness the Patriarch appointed H.G.Mor Koorilose Paulose Kochuparambil, the then Malankara Metropolitan. Several new churches were established by Him. H.G. Mor Koorilose secured 300(three hundred) acres ‘Methran Koop’ at Chathamattan near Pothanikkad, and utilized the returns to establish a seminary at Piravom. 


After the death of H.G Paulose Mor Koorilose the administration of the Kandanad Diocese vested St.Paulose Mor Athanasious of Aluva, (Who was choosen as a “Malankara Metroplitan” in 1918. As per the order of H.H.Ignatius Elias III in 1920 Kumbam 25th St.Athanasious has taken change Kandanad, Kochi, Kottayam, Niranam, Thumpamon, Kollam Diocese.  St. Athanasious has taken measures to ordain a metropolitan for the Kandanad Diocese, in order to reduce his duties in administration. V.Rev.Augen Ramban was elected by the Diocesan general body meeting and send to Patriarch H.H.Ignatios Elias III and H.H ordains him as metropolitan in the name of Mor Thimotheose. During his regime, seminary education started at Piravam. Mor. Augen Thimotheose shifted his residence from Piravom to Muvattupuzha. The ground floor of the Bishop’s and the chapel at Muvattupuzha was built by him. Mor Thimotheose Augen changed his allegiance to the defected catholicose group in 1942, made cheavose in the Diocese and St. Athanasious again has taken charge of the Kandanad Diocese by the order of H.H the patriarch. ‘Valiyathirumeni” made arrangements to ordain Metropolitian for each diocese and in 1925 the Diocesan general body meeting of Kandanadu Diocese conducted at Thrikkunnathu seminary, Aluva, elected Rev. Fr. P.J. Paulose (Late H.B. Mor Baseliose Paulose 2nd catholicose) and send to Homs, in1952 october 19, H.H.Ignatious Aphrem I, Patriarch, ordained him and given the name Mor Philoxinose. In 1953 January 12 Mor  Philoxnose took charge of the Kandanad Diocese from Mor Athanasious. Due to the differences of the Patriarch-Catholicose factions this diocese faced very pathetic situation. So many civil cases started in different parishes and in 1956 the honorable High Court of Kerala found the arguments of Patriarch group true and declared the judgment accordingly. But unfortunately in 1958 the Supreme Court observed otherwise. After the judgment the situation becomes tensed and there started mediation for reconciliation in the church. The unity in both the faction did not last long. Trouble broke out again and Mor Philoxinose was given the additional charges of Kottayam and Kollam Diocese other than Kandanad. It was made clear that there will not be peace and tranquility in the church with out the relationship with Holly Apostlic see of Antioch. The selfless service of Mor Philoxinose found result and Mor Thimotheose Augen was ordained as the catholicose by H.H. Ignatios Yacob III, Partriarch of Antioch and all the East, in the year 1964 


The catholicose faction in the Malankara Church tried to become Autocephalas and declared that the catholicose is seated in the throne of St.Thomas, which is totally against the teachings of the Holly church and the Partriarch fraction formed the Syrian Christian association to protect the true faith and allegiance to the Partriarch of Antioch, the supreme head of Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. The civil case started again, the Holly Apostolic see of Antioch accepted the plea of  The Syrian Christian association and ordained H.G.Dr. Paulose Mor Athanasious in 1973 and Dr. Geevarghese Mor Gregorious , Dr. Thomas Mar Dinasious (H.G the Catholicose) and Kuriakose Mor Coorilose as Metropolitans in 1974. The Catholicose faction defected from the Holy Apostolic Church and in 1975 September 7th, Patriarch H.H.Ignatios Yacob III , ordained Mor Philoxinose Poulose Metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese as the catholicose.   


In 1980 September 14, on the day of the feast of the Holly Cross, H.H.Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I enthroned as the Partriarch of Antioch and all the East. It is the blessing of the Malankkara Church that the ceremony was lead by H.B.Beselious Paulose 2nd catholicose. Mor Osthathiose Thomas (Later became Bishop of Diocese of Kochi), Mor Ivaniose Philipose were ordained as assistant Metropolitan of the Kandanad Diocese. In 1990 May 3rd,  Rev. Thomas Puttaniyil was ordained as assistant Metropolitan of the Kandanad Diocese. The crises developed after the Supreme Court judgment, in 1995 June 20th, Mor Athanasious Thomas owed allegiance to the Catholicose faction. H.B. Baselious Paulose II taken to His heavenly abode in 1996 August 31st. Dr. Geevarghese Mor Gregorious ( Perumpally Thirumeny) took charge of the Kandanad Diocese and after Mor Gregorious, call for his eternal rest Dr. Thomas Mar Dynasious ( Now the H.B the Catholicose) served this Diocese as Metropolitan 2001 January 14th, was being the day of the realization of a dream of the people of Kandanad Diocese. Rev Fr. Joy Alungal was ordained by H.H. Ignatius Zakka I Iwas as Metropolitan Kandanad Diocese. H.G was given additional charges of the Arch Diocese of Malakara Syrian Orthadox Church in North America and also the Diocese of Trissur. H.G. Kuriakose Mor Diaskorose was ordained by the Patriarch and served the Kandanad Diocese as assistant Metropolitan, and later Mor Diaskorose has been relived and appointed as Metropolitan of the Simhasana Churches.   


At present the Kandanad Diocese, having four regional centers comprising of projects. The main center is at Kandanad near to the Cathedral Church. It is named after the patron saint of the Diocese St.Skralla Mor Baselious, measuring 21000sq.ft   


The Center at Kadakkanad is named after H.B. Baselious Paulose 2nd under whose leadership the Diocese overcome the burdles and flourished. The construction of a bishop house, Ashuwas Bhavan measuring about 32000sq.ft to accommodate 200 destitute, is already finished at his center. The Aramana Cathedral construction work is also progressing. The center at Koothattukulam is about to finish this year. The Karunnya center at Pampakkuda will be starting soon. A news bulletin, called “Resuraction” is also being published every month. Let us pray for the guidance of our Lord that everything should be for the greater glory of almighty and for the betterment of the Holy church especially of this Diocese.

History of Jacobites....

Here you can get a brief knowledge on the History and faith of Jacobite Christian in Malankara


Kandand Diocese of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church is an ancient diocese which was established in 1876. The Diocese consist of sixty Churches and various chapels. Organisations like Sunday School, Youth Association, Vanitha samajam, Anthyokiya Sathya Viswasa Samrakshana Samithi, KEFE etc are functioning ....


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